Perfection is Slowing You Down

The quest for perfection is one of the biggest reasons I see people get stuck in their own sand trap. In my own personal journey developing my business, experience with teaching, perfection slows us down.

When starting my own business, I had originally thought that I needed a perfectly designed, perfectly functioning website with a perfectly outlined customer formation funnel . Weeks, and weeks I looked over WordPress themes, finding the very very best theme out there. I hired a logo designer and made sure that I gave days and days of feedback to ensure that the logo was perfect. Weeks, months went by, as I sat in traffic on the slow lane to perfection.

A good project today is better than a perfect project tomorrow.

Putting something out there is invaluable. It will provide a degree of insight that you can receive today instead of in a month when we would have crowned it perfect.

I’m by no means a genius. I believe the reason I found the level of success with education, business, and relationships is because I’m not afraid to fail fast, learn from it and improve.

Twitter’s code was created in a weekend after a daylong talk. That “first-weekend” twitter wasn’t perfect, but the insight and lessons learned by making mistakes was clearly worth it. All Twitter had to do in its first iteration was handle a dozen or so users. It didn’t have to handle billions of tweets a day, have a world class design team.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are things that should be perfect before a project goes out. Your craft should always be rock solid. As a science teacher, I made sure my biology knowledge was in check before I stepped into the classroom. As a business owner, I better damn make sure I’m providing the best service to my customers.

However, on individual projects, we are letting the resistance win and moving in low-gear when we are searching for perfection. It’s an exercise in futility, and the finish line will never be reached.

Make sure your craft is rock solid. Get your project to the point where it is functional. Release the project. Analyze. Improve. Profit.