Moving from Martyr to Hustler

Joey Roth created one of my favorite posters. It’s been far too long since I’ve been inspired by it.

charlatan martyr hustler

Where are you on this list?

For the last few years, while building Search Scientists, I have proudly thought of myself as a hustler. Rise and grind. Here is a screenshot from my time tracking app toggl, where I track all my work-time. During that 2014 year, I produced less than 5 blog posts. Which puts me centered on Roth’s poster as a martyr. Working hard, and not sharing it with anyone.

2700 hours of grinding, and only 5 blog posts.

I’m happy with what was achieved in 2014. We 3x’d our annual profit from the year before. The team is stronger than ever. Clients are happy and get great results. Technical ability is soaring. Work is getting easier, and life is getting better.

There is one major issue. Other than a few people, no one knows how hard we work, how talented we are, or how happy our clients become.

2015 is the year of going public, move from the martyr stage to hustler stage. As Marc Ecko puts it in a Mixergy Interview

And the guys that do it and do it right, and are not Charlatans, or Martyrs, but are really authentically Hustlers, where they’re square at the top and they’re square at the bottom.


Time to get my hustle on. Podcast, writing, networking. Let’s make magic, and do the hustle.